Macquarie Ancient History Teachers’ Conference 2020 Cancelled

Welcome to – the home of The Macquarie Ancient History Association, or MAHA as it is commonly called.

MAHA was founded in 1978 with the aim and desire of promoting the study of Ancient History for all.

Since that time MAHA has grown into a diverse association which provides information on recent research, social events, lectures, the opportunity to exchange ideas and a meeting point for all ancient historians and enthusiasts within the university community and anyone with an interest in the subject.

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MAHA Administration

The Association is run by a committee whose members are both university employees and volunteers who are elected at the Association’s Annual General Meeting usually held in December of each year.

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings and to seek nomination for election to the committee. If you have an interest in becoming a Committee Member please contact the secretary for further information.

Your membership goes directly to supporting the promotion of Ancient History, in NSW schools and within the general community.


MAHA Student Advisory Council (SAC) aims:

To promote the study of ancient history at Macquarie University and within the broader community.

To foster a spirit of community and social connection between ancient history students, the MAHA Executive body, and the broader community at Macquarie University.

To offer members of variety of social and ancient history related activities, events, and opportunities for further learning and involvement in the discipline.