Dr Anne Lykke
Lecturer in ancient history,  Aalborg University, Denmark

Tuesday 11. October. Paper for the ‘Negotiating Material Culture’ Conference:
“Archaeological Evidence on the Use of Coins in Ancient Greek Sanctuaries”.
Seminar Room of the Museum of Ancient Cultures, X5B.

Friday 14. October, 2pm: Lecture: “Cultural Encounters in Jewish Coin Iconography”.
Seminar Room of the Museum of Ancient Cultures, X5B.

Dr Lykke studied classical archaeology and numismatics in her native country of Denmark and  in Austria at the University of Vienna. She obtained her PhD from the University of Vienna in 2012 (published 2015 as: Reign and Religion in Palestine. The Use of Sacred Iconography in Jewish Coinage, Abhandlungen des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins 44). Since 2014 Dr Lykke has been the holder of a postdoctoral position at the University of Vienna (Department of Numismatics and Monetary  History) and is a lecturer in ancient history at Aalborg University in Denmark from 2015 (Department of Culture and Global Studies). Although a classical archaeologist, she has worked mainly in the fields of the archaeology and monetary history of the southern Levant. Her current research focuses on the examination of coins in the context of ancient Greek sanctuaries and – just beginning – the monetization of the Southern Levant and the consequences of this development process.