Date: March 8, 2018

Time: 6.30pm-9.00pm

Location: Museum of Ancient Cultures, Macquarie University

MAHA Event

Welcome to our 2018 Lecture Series!

Thursday 8th March at 6.30pm, in the Museum of Ancient Cultures.

Presenting: Dr Bernice Jones

“Aegean Haute Couture and its Interconnections in the Near East and Egypt: Deciphering the Dress Codes.”

We are excited to have Bernice, who’s exhibition: Haute Couture in Ancient Greece: The Spectacular Costumes of Ariadne & Helen of Troy is on display at the Hellenic Museum.

Join us to celebrate the opening of our 2018 lecture series, with nibbles and wine from 6.30pm before this wonderful lecture by Bernice Jones at 7pm.

This lecture considers Minoan and Mycenaean dress within the broader milieu of the ancient Near East and Egypt.  As valuable as precious metals, a significant commodity of trade, luxurious in design and decoration, Minoan dress rivaled that of its Near Eastern and Egyptian neighbors.  The study traces the impact of Minoan clothes on its neighbors and finds that, among other things, some facets of Minoan ritual dress, and thus aspects of Minoan religion, originated in the Near East, were adopted by the Mycenaeans, and continued in the Homeric epics. By considering Aegean dress within the Eastern Mediterranean milieu, it identifies indigenous costume innovations, and transmissions and transformations from the Near East and Egypt.

Since ancient Aegean textiles and garments have not survived, the study compiles a typology of the corpus of garments represented in sculpture, frescoes and glyptic to glean evidence for construction. It further considers the manufacturing techniques of extant Egyptian clothes, comparable images of ancient Near Eastern garments, textile manufacture on the warp-weighted loom, and dress documented in Mycenaean Linear B, Greek and Near Eastern texts. The combined evidence is buttressed by experiments in replicating Aegean and related Near Eastern garments as well as the weave structures of patterned cloths and bands.  The replicated clothes are arranged on live models who assume the various positions of the clothed figures in the frescoes and sculptures they imitate, thereby bringing the ancient figures to life.

About the Speaker:

Bernice R. Jones received her Ph.D. from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, in the Art and Archaeology of Greece, Rome and the ancient Near East, specializing on costumes and interconnections in the Bronze Age Aegean.  She has excavated on the Greek island of Thera (Santorini) and has taught at Queens College, Parsons School of Design, Ringling College of Art and Design, and Manhattanville College’s Summer in Greece Program. Her publications and book, Ariadne’s Threads:  The Construction and Significance of Clothes in the Aegean Bronze Age, Aegaeum 38, Peeters Publishers, 2015, focus on replicating Minoan and Mycenaean clothes and digitally reconstructing Aegean frescoes.   She has lectured nationally and internationally and her costume replicas are the subjects of exhibitions, currently Haute Couture in Ancient Greece: The Costumes of Ariadne and Helen of Troy at the Hellenic Museum in Melbourne, and upcoming in June her costumes will be featured at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.