Greek Drama Festival

Greek Drama Festival


A scene selected from any Fifth Century BC Greek play, in translation, involving two or more actors and a chorus of no more than twenty.  The text may be edited to allow a more fluid performance or to allow greater understanding of the extract for the audience, however, the integrity of the play must be maintained.  There must be a brief introduction (2-3 minutes) by one of the performers introducing the situation at the start of the extract, this may include brief details on the story so far to allow the audience to easily follow the plot of the extract being performed. Do not tell the story of the whole play.  The performance, excluding the introduction, must not got beyond fifteen (15) minutes.  This time limit will be strictly enforced and any performance exceeding the fifteen minutes will be penalised.  Only limited time will be available for setting up the performance.

As in antiquity, the scene presented may be accompanied by appropriate dance and music.  Competitors must provide their own instruments, cd players, etc.

Costumes must be simple (in accordance with traditional costumes) – a robe, tunic or rehearsal blacks.  Elaborate or expensive costumes are not appropriate.  Footwear, if worn, should be simple: high heels or platforms may not be worn.  Actors may wear or carry something symbolic of their character.  Suitable make-up may be worn.  Masks, half-masks or painted faces may be worn, but should not impede clear speech.  Simple props may be moved into position before the performance. Modern adaptations are not acceptable.

An appropriate two-three minute introduction explaining how the excerpt to be performed fits into the play. (The story of the whole play is not required.)

CHORUS (25%)
The treatment of the chorus, ensemble work, movement and clarity of diction.

Clarity of diction and appropriate movement and gesture.  Strong individual performances that blend in with the rest of the ensemble.

The overall visual impact, the suitability of music, costumes and props.  Inventiveness and simplicity are the qualities desired.

Clear presentation of theme(s) and overall dramatic impact.